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Le Lion Founder

“Laura’s sweaters are one of my favorite things. I discovered her collection a few years back on IG, and have been such a fan since. Laura is so talented and has created such a unique, one-of-a-kind product. I look forward every season to her launch of new sweaters. It has been so fun and exciting to collaborate with Laura.”

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My name is Laura Gelfand.

I am from Bronxville, NY originally.

but currently, I am based in the West Village, NYC (for the past 10+ years).

I studied at Horace Mann, The University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Parsons.

My favorite place to travel is Paris!

I am the happiest when I am traveling, meeting new people, and discovering new things.

I cannot live without my collection of Le Pouches.  I use them for everything! One for all the things I carry every day, one for my make-up, one for my medications, one for my le masks!

One thing people don’t know about me is to this day, many of my favorite memories in life are from summer camp in Maine.  I have a secret outdoorsy side!

My real-life hero is my maternal grandmother had a big influence on me.  She was a strong-willed and incredibly stylish woman.  She wore leather pants well into her 80s!  I wear a lot of her jewelry.

What I love about my work is being able to be creative and grow a business at the same time.  Also, it has introduced me to so many incredible people!

I got started with my current career while I was working at FIGUE. I came up with the idea and developed it for 6 months before I left.

My favorite artist is Kiki Smith (current), Picasso (past).

My favorite book is Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald, The Paris Wife, The Glass Castle.

My favorite film is The Sting, Life as a House, Gypsy, Gigi.

My astrology sign is Leo – just had my bday on 8/16 🙂

My style inspiration is Schiaparelli everything!

To me, luxury is everything from delicious-smelling hand soap to my most favorite sparkly shoes.

I became interested in designing knitwear because I have always gravitated toward sweaters.  There is such an ease and a nostalgia about them, but they can be so incredibly complex and beautiful.

I was inspired to create Le Lion because I wanted to create something that felt special and personal and that wasn’t another fast-fashion brand.

Success to me is making women feel special in any way and giving back as much as I can through my company.