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Q&A with Fabric Designer: Ippolita from Albini Donna Fabrics


“I discovered Alibini Donna Fabrics when I met the owner of the Albini Fabric Mill, Silvio Albini, at an event for the CFDA. At the time, the world of fashion was very new to me. I struggled to find really interesting, high-quality cotton fabrics. When I discovered Albini’s colorful fil coupé cotton fabrications, I knew I had something special.” -Danielle 


My name is Ippolita.

I am from Camerata Cornello, a very little town of 600 inhabitants in the province of Bergamo (Italy), and currently based in Albino where the Albini Group has its headquarters.

I studied at the Technical Institute specialized in Textile and I am currently working as a designer at Albini. I have been working at Albini since 1993.

My favorite place to travel is Sardinia, one of the most fascinating islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Its clear waters, white sand, and wild countryside are a source of inspiration for my designs, and being in contact with nature always helps me recharge my batteries.

I am the happiest when I am at home with my whole family (family first, perfectly Italian I guess). At work, I am at my best when, after months of hard work, I finally present a new collection to my colleagues and Clients.

Growing up, I wanted to be an art conservator. I was and still am a lover of Italian art and its history.

I cannot live without doing new things and experiences, both in my life and career, always trying to improve myself and my work and look things from another point of view.

One thing people don’t know about me I’m really good at cooking. Cooking is like to create a fabric, you need to perfectly balance all the different ingredients to get a perfect dish that people want to taste and re-taste.

My real-life hero is Pope Francis: in an era of deep distrust and corruption, he has gained the trust of people across the world, from all religious, cultural and social backgrounds.

What I love about my work is to imagine and develop new fabrics, with new raw materials, innovative blends or more feminine aspects, different from all those created so far.

I got started with my current career at school. I chose a textile specialization quite by chance. I realized my real passion for fabrics when I started working at Albini. At the beginning of my career, I was in charge of the most technical part of making a fabric and there I discovered all the secrets of a fabric. Today, I manage the creative direction of the entire women’s collection.  I have now been working at the Design department for twenty-six years and I am not tired of it yet… I really cannot imagine a better job than this!

My favorite artist is Roberto Bolle, an Italian danseur.

My favorite book is The House of the Spirits, Isabelle Allende

My favorite film is Dances with Wolves by Kevin Costner

My favorite musician is Pink Floyd.

My astrology sign is Cancer.

My style inspiration is … (ultimate muse) Nicole Kidman. Over the years, she has experimented with all sorts of trends, including bold colors, statement jewelry, tulle and sequin looks. She is consistently great at both street style and red carpet style and her outfits from the 90s are still on point today. That why she is my style icon, because isn’t it all about timeless fashion?

To me, luxury is the refusal of homogenization and banality, it comes from research, true creativity and craftsmanship, it is something unique but also of great quality and durable, that do not date in the wardrobe. Luxury today should be a more conscious and contemporary concept, following the teaching of Vivienne Westwood to “choose well and buy less”.

My favorite part of working with fil coupé is studying new color combinations, designs, and 3D effects. Fil coupé are one the most challenging and captivating fabrics, they have their own life.