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Q&A with Artist Jen Pak, (aka) Legoscape

Artist Jen Pak (aka) Legoscape


“I met Jen when I was 12 years old. We attended the same preparatory school and we were both new. She sat behind me at orientation. Her mother introduced me to her and, since then, she has been one of my best friends. Throughout my creative journey, she has been such a supportive friend and has helped to guide me in the right direction. Jen has always been extremely talented and has always had a tireless work ethic and discerning eye since the day I met her. I greatly admire the work she has done as an artist. Her work currently sits in the National Museum of Korea. She recently held her first solo show in New York and wore our Amara Dress (above).”

My name is Jen Pak.

I am from Saddle River, New Jersey and currently based in Seoul, Korea.

I studied painting at Cornell University, fashion design from Parsons and Contemporary Art from Sotheby’s. I just received my MFA from Hongik University.

My favorite places to travel are London and Singapore. I have to be surrounded by beautiful buildings.

I am the happiest when I finish my painting and there is nothing to fix after I remove the masking tape.

Growing up, I wanted to be famous.

I cannot live without caffeine.

One thing people don’t know about me is I am terrified of frogs.

What I love about my work is how the colors make people feel. I feel fulfilled when people say it makes them happy.

I got started with my current career by having a small solo show in 2016 with small still life watercolor paintings of Lego buildings I built. Now my work is more abstract and focuses more on the relationship between the color and form.

My favorite artist is Ellsworth Kelly.

My favorite book is The Da Vinci Code.

My favorite film is The Grand Budapest Hotel.

My favorite musician is The Chainsmokers.

My astrology sign is Gemini.

To me, luxury is timeless.


%name Q&A with Artist Jen Pak, (aka) Legoscape

An Inside Look At Legoscape’s Art Studio
%name Q&A with Artist Jen Pak, (aka) Legoscape

Jen Pak at her first solo show in New York, June 2019