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Q&A with Artist: Clementina from Clementina’s Sketchbook

Artist Clementina


“I met Clemi through my brother. They went to university together. I was very impressed when I saw her watercolor drawings. She has done a beautiful job of bringing our fabrications and designs to life through her art.” -Danielle


My name is Clementina like the mandarine.

I am from Italy and currently based in London.

I studied marketing at Georgetown University and fashion design at the New School Parsons, but I am currently working as an illustrator specialized in watercolors and taking on projects from all over the world and for all sorts of products: wedding suits, stationery, births announcements, baby art, and also product collaborations with special brands that I am identifying little by little.

My favorite places to travel are Cape Town and Africa overall

I am the happiest when I am around animals

Growing up, I wanted to be a veterinary

I cannot live without my friends

One thing people don’t know about me is that I cry at every movie I watch!

My real life hero is Kuki Gallman

What I love about my work is the continuous possibility of delving my mind into different creative worlds and the sense of surprise, as I see a drawing unfold from my brush. I can plan as much as I want before, but the result is always more special than my preparatory sketches.

I got started with my current career by chance! I was working on my fashion portfolio before starting to look for a job as a designer when I started posting some of my old watercolors on Instagram. Amongst them, an initial for a child’s baptism, themed with baby African animals. This started catching friends’ and friends of friends’ attention and before I knew it, I received an overwhelming amount of orders and decided to make it my full-time commitment.

My favorite artist is Leonardo da Vinci amongst the classics and Anish Kapoor from the contemporaries

My favorite book is Shantaram

My favorite film is Dancing with Wolves

My favorite musician is Phil Collins

My astrology sign is Sagittarius and very much so

My style inspiration is my little sister, as she is so cool and effortless even when each detail has been thought through. I also really like Olivia Palermo and Giovanna Battaglia’s taste and ideas.

To me, luxury is nature. Being surrounded by a healthy and flourishing breathtaking nature and realizing and respecting its superior power