As a designer and entrepreneur, I found myself on holiday in the South of France, where my curiosity and creativity intertwined. Upon my return to New York, I brought back a blouse as a souvenir that captured the essence of the South of France in appearance but fell short in terms of quality. Determined to recreate it with an improved fit and luxurious fabric, I sought the assistance of a local seamstress. In 2017, I launched our first collection.

Our collection is meticulously hand craftsmanship in New York, while using only the finest materials sourced from Italy to create our clothes. As a designer, my goal has always been to offer the ultimate resort capsule, featuring a thoughtfully curated selection of vibrant colors, playful patterns, intricate textures, and timeless, classic silhouettes. Our signature fil coupé weaving technique adds a touch of personality and dimension to many of our key styles, making them perfect for both holiday dressing and daily city adventures.

What sets our collection apart is our commitment to a new approach in luxury craftsmanship. We prioritize the use of high-quality fabrics and finishes, along with sustainable small-batch production. Italian organic cotton serves as a core fabric, known for its exquisite softness and its eco-friendly qualities—free from pesticides, chemicals, and GMO products, and eliminating the need for dry cleaning. As a finishing touch, we use premium mother-of-pearl buttons sourced from sustainable suppliers, adding a jewel-like accent to our garments. 

In defiance of industry norms, we proudly minimize waste by reusing our favorite materials and patterns, believing that personal style transcends fleeting trends. To ensure exceptional quality, every item is meticulously crafted by highly skilled tailors with decades of expertise within New York’s historic garment industry.

Today, our company represents the epitome of modern luxury. I take great joy in creating meticulously crafted garments.

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Founder and Creative Director

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