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Inspiration Behind Collection IV

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Behind the Scenes of Our Design Process



“A painting is not a picture of an experience, but is the experience.”
– Mark Rothko



Our Collection IV is inspired by the work of Mark Rothko. Rothko has and always will be one of my favorite artists. Rothko has a way of stripping away everything that is unnecessary and giving the viewer a pure experience. Perhaps it was after our COVID lockdown and taking time away from fashion that inspired me to lean into a collection comprised of luxurious basics. As a designer, I wanted to explore designing a collection in one color with accents of blue. Like many, I paired down my wardrobe over the past couple of years to only a small assortment of my favorite pieces. I let go of everything that was no longer working for my lifestyle and opted for a paired-down wardrobe. I was not ready as a consumer, or designer, to jump feet first into fashion. I wanted to rebuild my wardrobe to the person I had become during our multi-year fashion hiatus. I designed Collection IV to ease myself, and my customers, into a new way of dressing. Easy, transitional, comfortable – while being elegant and luxurious to wear. Made with cottons, linens, cotton + silk blends, and cotton + silk + linen blends, they have added variety to our textures and materials. Each piece can serve as a building block or an easy addition to your wardrobe.


%name Inspiration Behind Collection IV

Behind the Scenes of Our Photoshoot


%name Inspiration Behind Collection IV

Our Collection IV Photoshoot, Photographer Weston Wells