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Behind the Scenes of Collection I

Behind the Scenes of Danielle Fichera Resort 2020


In my latest collection, the garments are representative of our brand’s continued elevation. The minimalist lineup is the result of a few years of editing and reevaluating our aesthetic.
Known for timeless classics, I looked back to the easy glamour of the French Riviera in the late 1960s for this collection. Modish shirt and swing dresses are inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s film “To Catch a Thief.” While the silhouettes ring true of a treasured past, the overall relaxed feel is a welcomed update to a traditionally polished style.
The French Riviera’s stunning botanicals and flowers inspired floral prints and the custom fil coupé fabrics. In vibrant reds, yellows, and blues, this collection harkens a comfortable afternoon in a garden or a stroll through the Les Puces market in London.
I’m exceptionally proud of this collection as it is the ultimate culmination of classic design, Italian fabrics, quality materials, and sustainable production. Each piece is designed and constructed to last a lifetime. Less is more; we believe in having more product with integrity and less product overall.
Here is a behind-the-scenes look of our Collection I photoshoot, photographed by Marcos Fecchino. Our collection is now available for pre-order.
%name Behind the Scenes of Collection I